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“Role of BAG3 protein in leukemia cell survival and response to therapy”

The ability of BAG3, a member of the BAG family of heat shock protein (Hsp) 70 – cochaperones, to sustain the survival of human primary B-CLL and ALL cells was recognized about nine years ago. Since then, the anti-apoptotic activity of BAG3 has been confirmed in other tumor types, where it has been shown to regulate the intracellular concentration and localization of apoptosis-regulating factors, including NF-κB-activating (IKKγ) and Bcl2-family (Bax) proteins. Furthermore, growing evidences support its role in lymphoid and myeloid leukemia response to therapy. Moreover in the last years, the contribution of BAG3 to autophagy, a process known to be involved in the pathogenesis and response to therapy of leukemia cells, has been disclosed, opening a new avenue for the interpretation of the role of this protein in leukemias’ biology.

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